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How to clean your gutters from the ground…

by DIY Guy on October 4, 2011

When it comes to cleaning your rain gutters one of  the things that home owners hate most is having to repeatedly go up and down a ladder.  Whether it be because of a fear of heights, a fear of falling, or, simply because you spend more time going up, going down, and re-positioning the ladder than you do actually cleaning your gutters, most home owners wish that this was a part of their job that they just don’t have to do.

Well, it just so happens that there are plenty of tools that allow you to clean gutters from the ground without ever having to step foot on a ladder.  Our list is far from comprehensive but it will definitely give you an idea of the different types of tools to help you clean gutters from the ground available on the market.

Pressure Washer with a Telescoping Wand and Gutter attachment

Pressure Washer Telescoping Wand and Gutter AttachmentUsing a pressure washer to clean your gutters is one of the quickest and easiest ways to get the job done.  We should note, however, that it is also the most expensive when it comes to the initial purchase of the tools.  A good pressure washer, a two to three story telescoping wand, and pressure washer gutter attachments can easily cost you upwards of $500.

If you have to clean your gutters more than twice per year, we strongly recommend using a pressure washer with a telescoping wand and gutter attachment.  The expense is warranted by the ease and speed at which you can complete your job.  If you already own a pressure washer, buying the wand and gutter attachment is also recommended even if you only need to clean your gutters once or twice per year.

Shop-Vac Gutter Attachment

The only tool that actually may be easier than using a pressure washer to clean your gutters is the Shop-Vac Gutter attachment.  It is a simple attachment that easily allows you to reach first story rain gutters.  There are also extensions that allow you to reach second story gutters.

The downside to Shop-Vac Gutter attachments is that they don’t work as well as pressure washer attachments on extremely dirty gutters where the debris is really matted down and caked on.  Additionally, the farther away your gutters are from your Shop-Vac, the less effective Shop-Vacs become as they lose suction power…

Leaf  Blower Gutter Attachment

Leaf blower gutter attachments work similarly to shop-vac attachments, but, instead of vacuuming leaves and debris out of your gutters, it blows it out allowing you to safely clean your gutters from the ground.  Leaf blower gutter attachments are easy to use and work most effectively on first story gutters.

Gutter Sense rain gutter cleaning tool

Gutter Sense rain gutter cleaning toolThe Gutter Sense rain gutter cleaning tool is a nifty little invention that you attach to the end of an extension pole which allows you to simply grab leaves from your rain gutters and drop them to the ground.  The Gutter Sense is the lowest tech solution discussed here for cleaning your gutters from the ground, but, it is also the least expensive and doesn’t require a pressure washer, shop-vac, or leaf blower.

There are a few other types of gutter cleaning tools on the market which allow you to clean your gutters from the ground,  but, most tools that actually work well fall generally fall into one of the categories covered here.  The key to having an easy time at cleaning your gutters is not waiting until they are clogged up.  The more your clean them, the easier it will be each time you do.

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